A Year Already?

By October 18, 2014blog

The Beech Tree in the beginning – having a bit of vision was definitely necessary

Not quite a year, actually, but very soon. At this time last year, we were wall-papering and trying to hook up appliances. How far we’ve come.

On November 7th, 2013, the Beech Tree opened its doors for the first time. Our first customer, a local school teacher came in for a glass of red wine at the bar. I remember it distinctly. We went on to one of the worst winters in memory and an ice storm that knocked out most of the city’s power.  Somehow, customers braved the adverse weather to sample our food and drink throughout our first few months. A strange winter turned into a glorious spring and summer for the Beech Tree. We feel we have settled into the neighborhood and continue to provide quality food and drink for locals and visitors alike. We are absolutely thrilled with the way things have gone and are blessed with an incredible clientele.

To  celebrate the one year anniversary of the ‘Tree’ and to coincide with my 42nd birthday ( your humble proprietor) we will be having a party on November 1st.  Because we are such a tiny restaurant, my ambitious plans for a massive shindig had to be scaled back some what. So this is what we propose:

Saturday November 1st

  • A single dinner service from 5pm to 8pm (Reservations accepted and  highly recommended)
  • 8pm – 9pm (a quick reset of the space)
  • 9pm onward – Live music, complimentary munchies, and cocktail specials. (We won’t be taking reservations for the latter half of the evening).

We have a great band lined up and if I feel the sudden whimsy of the evening, I may even jump up and make a rare appearance with my guitar too. Anything can happen.

We’re looking forward to a great night of celebrations. Hope to see you there!

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